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Business Casual

The "softly tailored" suit or Sportcoat: Designed to look and feel as comfortable as possible. Traditional canvas and padding have been reduced or removed completely, leaving a minimun number of defining lines and giving the garment a "softly tailored" impression. The message is less than formal and more approachable in a business environment. Details on casual Sportcoats often include multi-colored buttons, bolder buttonholes and button thread, as well as patterned linings usually indicative of a custom tailored garment. It's all in the cut, fabric and details!

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  • Ladner's Business Casual Dress Fall/Winter 2018


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Business Dress

The "tailored" suit: It has a defined shoulder line, fitted chest, slightly suppresed waist and matching tailored trousers. The message is authoritive. The suits precise, cleanly constructed lines make it a business-wear option calculated to command respect. We offer professional in-store fittings from our Canadian and European made collections. We can further personalize your selections with our custom tailored suits and custom tailored shirt programs.

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  • Ladner's Business Dress Fall/Winter 2018


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Custom Tailored

emanuel berg tailoredA rise in popularity of Bespoke clothing indicates a renewed interest in dressing well for all occasions. LADNER'S has always embraced this timeless tradition.

We focus on Canadian garments made with fabrics sourced from the finest European Mills.

Uniquely patterned linings, personal CVT (Coat/ Vest/ Trouser) styling and original button treatments all add flavor to the process. Our staff are professionally trained to measure and tailor each garment and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Purchasing custom tailored clothing is an expenditure that offers a return on investment for years to come.

Contact us anytime to arrange an in-store or in-office meeting at your convenience.



 Master Tailor Vince : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our tailored-to-measure business continues to grow. The process includes fabric selection, styling, measuring and (in approximately two weeks) a final fitting... all for a surprisingly reasonable price. Get the fit, style and fabric you desire in fabulous shirtings, suits, sportscoats, blazers and trousers anytime at Ladners! Our most shining tradition!

  Fully operational tailor shop on the premises.

Made-to-measure services available for suits, sportcoats, trousers and shirts. Wide selection of fabrics and staff that are fully qualified to measure and advise.